End of an Era: Steve Jobs

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On 08/27/2011 05:25 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Richmond wrote:
>> So, next time we get cheesed-off by an apparently random or capricious
>> act on the half of Kevin Miller
>> we can sublimate our frustration by softly repeating to ourselves "he's
>> just emulating Steve jobs' way
>> of doing things" . . .   :)
> RunRev Ltd. Introduces Royalties, Bans Third-Party Add-Ons
> August 27, Edinburgh - RunRev Ltd. announced today that the company is 
> introducing a new royalty program for LiveCode, their popular 
> multi-platform software development toolkit.   Developers using the 
> toolkit will now enjoy paying 10% of all proceeds earned from their 
> LiveCode-based applications to RunRev Ltd.  In a related move, the 
> company is also ending its RevSelect program, explicitly prohibiting 
> third parties from distributing tools for other LiveCode developers.
> "In talking with our customers, we find that too many of them use 
> accounting systems that are far too simple, resulting in excessive 
> downtime within their organizations" said Kevin Miller, CEO of RunRev 
> Ltd.  "With this new royalty program, developers can really play at 
> the level of much bigger software companies, at least in terms of 
> accounting overhead.  We always strive to deliver a truly professional 
> experience, and by reducing our developers' margins we're able to 
> demonstrate that commitment."
> On the ending of RevSelect, Miller said, "We believe that customers 
> simply don't want choice in their tools.  We can't have the company 
> limited by the demands of third-party developers.  If we don't provide 
> it out of the box, it isn't needed."
> The response to the moves throughout the LiveCode developer community 
> has been enthusiastic.  Long-time LiveCode developer and ardent fanboy 
> Chipp Walters said, "This is a tremendous move forward for LiveCode. 
> Kevin Miller's a true visionary, and if he says I don't need choice 
> then that's more than good enough for me. I'm thrilled at the 
> opportunity to throw away many years' worth of effort making add-on 
> tools to demonstrate my support for him. And I can't wait to start 
> writing him royalty checks.  I've been making way too much money, and 
> this will bring our balance sheet in line with development houses 
> using other tools."
> LiveCode is available for OS X and iOS for US$499, with Windows, 
> Linux, and Android versions available at US$4,995 each.
> ###
> (The above is a joke, of course)

LOLTMSA  [Laughed Out Loud Till My Sides Ached]

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