Missing lib_popupballoon from download - anyone know where it is?

Admin admin at mfelkerco.com
Sat Aug 27 00:44:28 EDT 2011


First, I want to thank Rotunda software for creating some pretty
awesome live code controls.

According to this

http://www.rotundasoftware.com/livecode/ [1]

Under popup
balloon, there is a download - in that download is simply a
documentation rev file called popupballoon.

According to the
documentation, there is supposed to be a lib file called Popup Balloon
in this line:

start using stack "lib_PopupBalloon"

The downloadable
rar file is missing this lib file. Does anyone have it?

Also, on that
same page, it shows a daily calendar with filled in areas. Am I to
assume that we draw that weekly view and use the rect library to do the
fill ins (hourly) events? Or, is there a weekly calendar function to
their AWESOME CalendarPane, which I have pretty much got to work.

enough, the photo example on the popup balloon page is exactly what I am
attempting to create. Anyone have an example of that page's livecode
program that could allow me to cheat a little and get more of it done
ahead of time? I have plenty of customization after I get even that much

Thanks ahead of time.



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