sqlite & mySQl hassles...

Pete pete at mollysrevenge.com
Fri Aug 26 22:52:22 EDT 2011

I thing this is probably because the version of the sqlite library included
in the firefox sqlite manager is probably more recent than the one in
Livecode.  The sqlite_sequence table seems to hold an entry for every
autoincrement key value and it is maintained by sqlite  so it feels like the
sqlite version in firefox may not be compatible with whatever is in LC on
each of the platforms.

Good thing to watch out for though.

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On Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 11:25 AM, John Dixon <dixonja at hotmail.co.uk> wrote:

> To you lot...Bob SneiderMike FelkerMark SchonewillieAdminGerry OrkinThanks
> for the help you have offered with trying to fathom the problems I am having
> with mySQL and sqlite... I have not yet sorted out the mySQL connection
> problem on a real device, but have got to the bottom of my sqlite
> troubles... :-)I have been using the sqlite manager add-on in Firefox to
> create sqlite databases... I have used it for a long time to perform this
> task. Sometime last week I upgraded Firefox to version 6... It turns out
> that the sqlite databases created with the Firefox 6 sqlite manager have
> been causing the problem... When creating a table within a database with
> FireFox there is now another table created... 'sql_sequence'.I noticed this
> by creating an sqlite database and populating it by script... this
> 'scripted' database has run perfectly in the iphone simulator... So, just to
> check, I ran the Firefox 6 creation again and the problems returned...So, I
> guess the moral here is, don't use the Firefox 6 sqlite manager to create
> your databases... that's assuming that you do in the first place...:-) Now
> just to sort out the problem with mySQL running on an iphone..thanks for the
> input, appreciatedDixe
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