Pages, excel etc in UIWebView

Maarten Koopmans maarten.koopmans at
Fri Aug 26 09:53:58 EDT 2011


I know you can display different file types (see subject) in a
UIwebview. So to test it I copy a word, pdf, pages file. Then create a
UIWebView with MobGui and set the specialFolderPath and the file url
to e.g. "file://test.pages"

Nothing happens :(  Anybody figured this out? I tried this tutorial
but it doesn't do the trick either.

Any thoughts or input - as usual- greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Maarten

Off note: I got the same docs in a web popup working in Corona. So it
is possible with my docs and the UIWebView. I suspect I have the path
to the bundled files wrong. Or so. Tested on iPhone4 , iOS 4.3.5

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