OT: Is there any way for someone to see my MAC address over the internet?

Michael D Mays michael at michaelsmanias.com
Thu Aug 25 16:41:21 EDT 2011

I thought your site was broken but I forgot that I had turned off JavaScript and Plugins in my browser! 


On Aug 25, 2011, at 1:25 PM, AndyP wrote:

> Hi Michael,
> There is a lot of info that can be gathered via the browser. I put togther a
> site which displays a fair amount of info about your operating system,
> browser, screen resolutions and plugins you may have installed..all via your
> browser.
> Have a look.. no info is stored or passed on, but you can email a report to
> yourself if you want.
> The detail in the report varies depending on the browser. Internet Explorer
> generates the least detailed report due to security restrictions and the way
> IE uses Active X to control plugins. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and
> Safari give very detailed reports on the plugins installed.
> http://browserprobe.com http://browserprobe.com 
> I put this together when I was employed as a full time web developer so that
> I could get a heads up on a clients system when they reported errors that I
> could not then replicate on my system. This would show if any plugins etc
> may be causing a problem.
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> Andy Piddock
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