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Wed Aug 24 15:25:39 EDT 2011

I do use "create folder" so that does seem to point to the problem, only 
in my case I don't even need to issue that command for the name-check to 
fail. What it looks like from an uneducated view is that somehow the 
Finder's database is updated to include a non-existent folder.

The odd part is that it only fails sporadically for both of us, 
apparently depending on the user's machine. At least for me, it never 
fails on my main Mac, only on the MacBook.

(Apologies to all for the long quoted stuff below but I want to keep the 
context available.)

On 8/24/11 1:57 PM, Ron wrote:
> Thanks Ken, Jacque, I know the result indicates an applescript
> problem, I should have clarified a bit by asking if the user could do
> something in his system that would cause the applescript problem.
> Jacque the problem sounds similar. My app creates a folder in the
> library/app support folder. That was failing so I sent him a stack
> that tried to write a simple folder to the support folder without all
> the other stuff the original app was doing. It failed but reported
> its progress to the point of using revcopyfolder. It created a folder
> and reported the existence of it afterwards. Then I tried to
> revcopyfolder from a folder stored in the .app package and it fails.
> I tried writing to the defaultfolder where the simpletest app was and
> the same result - execution error.
> Based on what you are seeing, perhaps the original report of the
> existence of the folder is incorrect so naturally the following call
> to revcopyfolder fails. The problem would then be in the call 'create
> folder'. Should we be looking there instead?
> Thanks Ron
> On Aug 24, 2011, at 2:30 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:
>> On 8/24/11 1:05 PM, Ken Ray wrote:
>>> On Aug 24, 2011, at 12:10 PM, ron barber wrote:
>>>> Hi, A user is reporting a problem with my software and I have
>>>> traced it back to an opening call to revcopyfolder. He is on a
>>>> Mac 10.6. I sent him two other stacks that simply call
>>>> revcopyfolder and they fail, returning execution error in the
>>>> result. The paths check out and I have never had a report like
>>>> this before. Can anyone suggest what might be going on? I know
>>>> revcopyfolder uses Applescript but could that be the cause?
>>> Absolutely - the result "execution error" only comes from trying
>>> to run an AppleScript that has a problem.
>> There may be something wonky going on with folders in 10.6 and
>> maybe 10.7. I've had some weird experiences that are not always
>> reproducible.
>> Part 1: I have a function with a simple repeat loop that just looks
>> for a uniquely numbered folder name so I can create a new numbered
>> folder the same way the standalone builder does. It works fine on
>> my iMac. If I move the stack to my MacBook Pro (same OS, same
>> version of LiveCode) it fails the "there is a folder" check. The
>> same thing happened to one of my testers.
>> For example, I want a folder named "myfolder" and if one exists,
>> append a number until there is no folder with that name. Assume
>> there's already an existing folder named "myfolder". The next time
>> I call the function and it hits this line:
>> if there is a folder ("myfolder"&  x) then...
>> it should return false because "myfolder 1" has not yet been
>> created. But it returns true. The function then returns the name
>> "myfolder 2".
>> If I immediately run the function again, it returns "myfolder 3". I
>> can repeat that indefinitely, even though no folders have actually
>> been created at all.
>> To make sure I wasn't hallucinating, I used Terminal to run "ls -a"
>> to view the directory contents. There were no numbered folders in
>> the directory.
>> I have no explanation, and it doesn't happen on my iMac.
>> Part 2: Someone on Lion, using the same stack, has no problem with
>> the folder check and gets a correctly-named folder to hold some
>> created files. But when a handler later tries to access the files
>> from that folder, LiveCode reports the files do not exist -- even
>> though they are visible in Finder and the file path is correct. It
>> feels like a related problem but I'm not sure how exactly. I can't
>> repro this one.
>> It's weird and I'm stuck.
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