sqlite & mySQl hassles...

Mike Felker admin at mfelkerco.com
Wed Aug 24 15:02:37 EDT 2011

Look for a misspellings or accidental caps or something - SQL is telling you no such table exists.  I have encountered this before and making sure your naming conventions are 100% will most certainly help.


John Dixon <dixonja at hotmail.co.uk> wrote:

>Hi...Has anyone got mySQL or sqlite databases working on iOS ?I have a mySQL database that runs well in the iphone simulator, but crashes on a real device... No problem, I thought... I'll make a sqlite database and run it from within the app...The sqlite database runs fine on the desktop, but in the simulator throws an error... "revdberr,Database Error: no such table: towns"... I am a little stumped and confused...If anyone has databases playing nicely, I would appreciate some pointers to how you have gone about getting it to work ... as I would really like to find out why the mySQL db runs in the simulator but falls over on an iphone... and err, why it tells me the table is not present in the sqlite db..thanksDixie 		 	   		  
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