iOS external won't load

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Wed Aug 24 14:50:53 EDT 2011

Hi Maarten,

I had an external names with all lower case letters and couldn't get  
it to work at all. I had an external with mixed capitals and lower  
case letters and could get it to work on my own phone but not on  
someone else's. If you're careful with naming, then it doesn't matter  
whether you use lower case or upper case or mixed. Of course, it  
would be better to stick to a convention and always use lower case  
letters, but when I changed my mixed name to all lower case at some  
point, I broke my only iOS external that did work :-)


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Op 24-aug-2011, om 20:41 heeft Maarten Koopmans het volgende geschreven:

> Hi Mark,
> My external name is not all lowercase, I'll try that first.  
> Otherwise I'll
> mail support.
> --Maarten

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