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Tue Aug 23 16:53:49 EDT 2011

Hi Chris,

Surely the open process command works on Mac OS X.

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On 23 aug 2011, at 22:32, Nonsanity wrote:

> Now that the earth has stopped shaking here, I can re-write this email. I
> lost the first rendition by switching to the USGS web site for details on
> the 5.9 earthquake we had nearby (geographically speaking). Anyway...
> I've been trying to do some shell() background jobs on the Mac, ones that
> will take a long time to execute. Sometimes adding the & to the end of the
> string I pass to shell() makes shell return immediately, and I can see the
> task started in Process Monitor. Other times shell keeps control until the
> task is done (or I kill it in frustration).
> I made a new stack with a button and a field and put this script in the
> button:
> on mouseup
>    put "start" into fld 1
>    get shell( "sleep 5 &" )
>    put "end" into fld 1
> end mouseup
> Now that SHOULD background the sleep so that shell returns immediately and
> replaces the "start" with "end" in fld 1 so that you never really even see
> the "start". But I get 5 seconds of "start" before "end" appears.
> In Terminal, the same "sleep 5 &" will return immediately, while leaving off
> the "&" will make it delay 5 seconds before getting a new prompt.
> At the same time, I have a big, complex HandBrake command that DOES
> background correctly. I can't figure out why that one works consistently. :(
> Has anyone else researched this and found some pertinent facts they can
> share?
> (WHY OH WWHHYY doesn't the "start process" commands work on Macs????)
> ~ Chris Innanen
> ~ Nonsanity
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