Combining cards into a stack

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Tue Aug 23 15:30:34 EDT 2011

Answer: I'm sure you could write a stack to do that. Some people could 
do it easily; for me , it would be a whole new learning curve, because 
that's just not the kind of thing I've ever tried to do with Rev.

So here's what I'd do .... (and in fact, am in the process of doing, in 
a slightly different context):

1. build a simple stack that captures an image, collects choices from 
comboboxes, etc.
2. have a 'submit' button which gets enabled one they have made enough 
3. the submit button would upload the photo and their choice data to a 
3a. the .irev (or CGI) script on the server would save this info to a 
folder of uploaded photos, etc.
4. I'd collect all these photos and associated info and put it into my 
own stack.
(and maybe also, 4a. run the matching games on the web server)

and almost as a by-product you could also do
5. have the web-server script provide a web page with the same 
choices/comboboxes, and a button to choose an existing image file, and 
upload that as form data. This would mean that if someone had trouble 
with the player or stack, they could still submit their info from any 

As I said, I'm in the process of doing this for my own project, so if 
you're interested in trying that approach, let me know and I'll send you 
the scripts/stack that I finish up with).

-- Alex.

On 22/08/2011 04:59, Bill Ziegler wrote:
> I have a difficult time with new names and faces. We have quite a few new teachers and therapists this year so I  plan to make a photo data base of their image, name, job and school(s) they are assigned to.
>   I'm planning to build a simple stack that will allow them to capture a still from a live camera shot and select their positions and schools from comboboxes. It will be tough to do this in one meeting. They are spread throughout the county.
> I hope to email each of them a one card stack, run by the player, not a standalone. They would then email the completed one-card stack back to me.
> Question: If all the stacks were re-numbered and put into a folder, is there a script that could combine all cards into one searchable stack? If so, I can develop some fun matching games to help me learn their names and faces.
> Thanks,
> Bill
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