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I am sure there is a launch default browser command, which would
then open up the default browser on the android device. 


On Mon,
22 Aug 2011 17:37:25 -0400, Ralph DiMola wrote: 

> Is it possible to
open a web browser in the LC app on the Android platform.
> I see that
revBrowser is not supported. Is there another way to do this?
> I can
launch a browser by doing a "launch url [1]" but
> leaves the LC app. The only saving grace is that the app does
> close(Thanks!) and the physical back key returns you back to the
app. This
> approach will require platform specific coding for iOS and
Android as the
> iPad will close down the app after the browser launch.
On iOS I have use
> iphoneControlCreate "browser" to keep the app
active. A pain but doable.
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks
> Ralph
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