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> Elegant interface, nice and clean.  I can see a market among IT and systems
> types who work in educational institutions and are constantly having to
> explain various computer and network things to faculty and staff.  Site
> licenses might be a good option.

Thanks Gregory. We do offer volume pricing/site licenses for our products.

> I noticed that when the application is deleted from my Applications folder,
> a camera icon reappears in the Finder menubar every time I start up.  How
> can I remove it?

Colin's instructions will work.

I'm going back on forth on where to place the Helper application. Originally
I just launched the Helper application from the application folder itself
(it is stored inside the bundle). A problem occurs if someone
tries to update my application at a later date by dragging the application
from a disk image into the Application folder. If the Helper application is
still running in the status menu then the OS won't allow you to update
because the Helper application is in use.

Now the problem is that removing the application doesn't remove the Helper
application. This is no good either. Back to the drawing board...

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