Combining cards into a stack

Bill Ziegler billziegler at
Sun Aug 21 23:59:27 EDT 2011

I have a difficult time with new names and faces. We have quite a few new teachers and therapists this year so I  plan to make a photo data base of their image, name, job and school(s) they are assigned to. 

 I'm planning to build a simple stack that will allow them to capture a still from a live camera shot and select their positions and schools from comboboxes. It will be tough to do this in one meeting. They are spread throughout the county. 

I hope to email each of them a one card stack, run by the player, not a standalone. They would then email the completed one-card stack back to me. 

Question: If all the stacks were re-numbered and put into a folder, is there a script that could combine all cards into one searchable stack? If so, I can develop some fun matching games to help me learn their names and faces.



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