[ANN] Data Grid Helper 1.4.0 formats and gives colours to your numbers

zryip theSlug zryip.theslug at gmail.com
Sat Aug 20 15:28:54 EDT 2011

Dear LiveCode & DGH Users,

A new update for DGH is available.

In this version, DGH introduces the capability to apply numbers
formatting to a column.

A new "Format" topic has been added in the column builder's
properties. This topic regroups 3 DGH's special properties for the
datagrid object:
- the format pattern (experimental)
- the thousands separator
- the decimal separator (default is .)

The pattern property allows the definition of three patterns separated
by commas:
- one for positive numbers
- one for negative numbers
- one for zero values

This pattern supports the following symbols:
- spaces: separator (replaced by the thousands separator property)
- # Digit placeholder. This code does not display extra zeros.
- 0 Digit placeholder. This code pads the value with zeros to fill the format.
- . Decimal number (replaced by the decimal separator property)
- $ - + / ( ) :
- [color] where color is any color name supported by the LiveCode syntax.

A format, only changes the way a number is displayed in the column.
The corresponding number remains unchanged in the data. This means one
can continue sorting a column or edit the full number, as if the
format was not existing in the cell.

For more informations about this feature please read these two lessons:

- one for formatting numbers in DGH:

- one for building a pattern:

Any feedback for improving this feature will be appreciated.

This new version has also the following fix and changes:

- DGH no longer trying to apply some properties to a deleted or closed datagrid
- The Columns sorting script installer was broken in the 1.3.5
version. This is fixed in 1.4
- Fix a column confusion in the DGH's column builder, when the first
line was not the column name
- Sorting by date/time was not properly got in the column builder.
- Fix a problem with the truncated contents of a cell when one used
the tab key for navigating in a datagrid.

Setting the scrollbar width of a datagrid working now as expected.
Note that only values between 1 to 20 are working. 20 represents the
auto value accepted by the datagrids property: dgProp["scrollbar

If you have not tried DGH yet, a trial version free for 30 days can be
downloaded here:

You can also reach the Data Grid Helper plugin on the LiveCode Marketplace:

Hope you will enjoy this new version.

Best Regards,
-Zryip TheSlug- wish you the best! 8)

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