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Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Sat Aug 20 12:13:48 EDT 2011

Just wanted to join in with some general comments:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me mail directly. I sometimes do not look at the use list for _weeks_ and might miss your comment when I speed trough the backlog. The use list is simply too noisy to do organisational stuff via this venue.

Generally all and every contribution is accepted, there's no need to ask "does this fit?" just tell me what you want to tell, and when you'd like to present. Note that first time presenters will need to set up ustream at least a day before the event with Mark or me on ChatRev.

There's a lot of information on these pages for presenters:

Additional non-presenter notes:
If you do not want to present, maybe you know a tool or approach to organisation that can help?
We are very unhappy with the technical side of the videos (Ustream), and always glad to get to know something that is easier to use for presenters.
We could need some form of calendar, where people can add their presentation without contacting an organisator directly. important is that every contributor can send a presentation without logging in to a service (as is the case for google & yahoo).


Watch live presentations every Saturday:

Use an alternative Dictionary viewer:

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