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> I'm interested in what you mean by 'The only major pain point has been the
> field object. ' ?

A couple of the issues that I've run into:

* No spell check style for inline spell checking.
* Limited formatting options (very happy that RunRev added bulleted lists
* The textMargins property doesn't mean what you think it means. Trying to
figure out how the engine treats margins is still a mystery to me. Just when
I think I have it figured out I test another font and size and my code
doesn't work just like it should.
* No message sent after text has been entered by the user and stored in the
field by the engine but BEFORE the text is displayed to the user.
* Lack of a structured representation of the text and it's formatting in a
UTF* encoded format. I do a lot of text manipulation in my programs and the
htmlText isn't quite as structured or as entity-free as one would hope.
* No equivalent to CSS styling for text attributes. I want to be able to
define a style of a run of text and then be able to update that style in a
global location.
* The field object can behave unpredictably with some eastern European
languages on Windows. You can end up with characters that are not encoded
properly in the htmltext.

> Also it's not clear what you are signing up for when you 'Create a Clarify
> Account' .. what's this for?

This is the web service that Clarify posts documents to. This service is
still pretty new and we are fleshing it out. We will add a description to
that signup page.

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