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Fri Aug 19 10:46:34 EDT 2011

On Fri, Aug 19, 2011 at 3:19 AM, AndyP <smudge.andy at> wrote:

> When I first saw your post my immediate reaction was 'what - another Snagit
> clone!' however looking at your site (which is great by the way, easy to
> navigate and find the info you are after) I relaised that Clarify is a
> different kind of beast altogether.

Yes it is. While products like Snagit and Skitch work well for single
images, they don't provide a means of creating a document that combines text
and images. At my company we feel that the process of grabbing multiple
screen shots, adding them to a document and making that document available
on the web has enough road blocks that most people won't go through it.
Since pictures often do a much better job of communicating an idea we wanted
to improve the workflow to the point that it was faster to use images then
to just write a text based email.

Here is an example of the type of content that Clarify creates. The document
shows how to notify people when you post something on Google+. The whole
process of writing and uploading the document takes under 5 minutes.

> Well done Blue Mango I think you've found a hole in the market and have
> just
> filled it. Now passing Clarify's details to my collegues...Alas I'm Windows
> I'll have to wait.

Thanks Andy. Hopefully Windows won't be too far behind. There are very few
items which haven't already been tested on Windows or that need to be
written from scratch.

> Great to see another well implimented and targeted LiveCode product.

LiveCode has worked out really well for our ScreenSteps and Clarify
products. I've have been pleasantly surprised a number of times at what
LiveCode can do. The only major pain point has been the field object.

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Blue Mango Learning Systems

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