And What About the Internet Date and Time?

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Yes, each user's machine's  "Internet Date" format will have been set by the
user, which could easily be to another month or year (for cheating time-out
based demos. or the clock battery was not replaced) .Why not always refer to
UTC time for all entries? This is the true "Internet Time" source.

 Getting time from local user's machines (even yours) is always going to be
chancy. The UTC time, along with the URL I showed you, is the most accurate
timebase available on the net.  And the most mission-critical.  Another
thing to consider is what gets placed in the data if the timestamp isn't
available? At least you know that an organization with a mission to deliver
a 'can't fail' time source to the world is behind it.

If the timestamps' arrival time is important then time should be referenced
from a single source. Arrival time arbitration is possible.
Finally, getting deeper into file sharing on machines through ftp or
otherwise could be wrought with security issues.

UDP is safe, clean, too cheap to meter. The only thing the user has to do is
to enable PORT 13 on his/her router. Chances are that they have already done
this if they are an online gamer.

On 18 August 2011 13:03, Gregory Lypny <gregory.lypny at> wrote:

> Hello again everyone,
> Okay, please don’t hate me.  I'm still trying to nail down a reasonably
> accurate system-independent date and time stamp to use in my student client
> app that will submit and retrieve data from my Mac.  I will post a modest
> enhancement to Stephan Barncard’s excellent returnNISTime function shortly.
> My question is, How does LiveCode know the local computer’s time zone when
> we ask for the date in the Internet Date format?  My guess is that the
> computer’s owner has to have set it.  And if the person is on the move, it
> may be incorrect even if it was set at their primary location.  Yes?
> Gregory
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