keyboard activation messages not showing up in iPad LiveCode App

Phil Jimmieson phil at
Thu Aug 18 07:45:56 EDT 2011

Hi folks,
I'm being driven mad by a LiveCode iPad app I'm writing. It features some groups each consisting of an image, a graphic and a locked field. Basically, you can drag these groups around to place them in specific locations and double-tap the locked field part to unlock it and type something into it. Dismissing the keyboard re-locks the field. I've already submitted a bug report for the fact that certain of the types of groups don't invoke the keyboard when the text field is double-tapped and unlocked. The text field really does unlock and the cursor is shown in the field, but the keyboard itself doesn't appear, and you have to tap off the field and back in again for the keyboard to open up. That was annoying enough, but at least there was a way around it. Now what's happening is that keyboardActivated and keyboardDeactivated events are not being sent to my stack. I use these to move all the groups so that they aren't obscured by the keyboard. If I don't get the message I can't move the groups. I've tried handlers for these messages in the current card and the current stack but neither of them are being invoked. Even a simple unlocked field when tapped in invokes the keyboard, but still the engine doesn't send the keyboardActivated message.

Has anyone come across this problem or have any ideas on how to fix it?
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