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Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Wed Aug 17 19:03:41 EDT 2011

Thanks for the tip about Galleria; I currently use boring old HTML 
galleries, and am just about to convert to something more exciting for a 
couple of websites, so this tip comes at just the right time to save me 
some effort :-)

Before I get to folder conventions, I should just mention the use of 
"adjacent matching text files". I used to use that scheme, but had moved 
away from that to a single "photoindex.txt" file which contained the 
file names, captions, descriptions, etc. - i.e. all in one file, so that 
I could control the order of display of the photos in the gallery. But 
now I've (99%) decided to go back to that scheme, with 'photoindex.txt' 
reduced to just an ordered list of image names, and all the caption info 
in "someimage.txt" files as you described.

I have similar concerns about large numbers of files in one folder, so I 
lean towards sub-folders for each image type. However, I don't favour 
putting the primary image file at the top level; I'd have a sub-folder 
for those also. So I (am going to) use the following variation

2A) USE Separate Folders AND file name appendages


         photoindex.txt                               # control the order
         mother-centipede.txt                    # caption, etc.
                 mother-centipede_normal.jpg     #800px wide
                 mother-centipede_thumb.jpg     #100px wide
                 mother-centipede_big.jpg          #1500px wide

-- Alex.
P.S. Yes, please, I'd love to have a copy of your .irev libraries. How 
about the desktop client ?

On 17/08/2011 05:50, Sivakatirswami wrote:
> I am using Galleria on our web site.. (galleria aino.se)
> I love it... so extensible, customizable, documentation is excellent
> I've written some .irev libraries that only need a path to a folder 
> with images and adjacent matching text files for captions and then 
> LiveCode dynamically builds the slide show web page. It's simple. I 
> have a desktop client that people use to create content:
> someImage.jpg
> someImage.txt  # a caption file
> this CMS is really very portable and can be massaged into any kind of 
> delivery framework...
> I'm just wondering what others think in terms of future CMS and coding 
> and issues.  A fork in the road:
> 1. ALL IMAGES IN ONE FOLDER (thumbnails, 800px wide "large" photo, 
> 1500px wide "Big Photo"
> -- with file name appendages
> /centipede-gallery
>     /images
>         mother-centipede.jpg                 #800px wide
>         mother-centipede.txt                    # caption
>         mother-centipede_thumb.jpg     #100px wide
>         mother-centipede_big.jpg          #1500px wide
> OR
> 2) USE Separate Folders AND file name appendages
> /centipede-gallery
>     /images
>         mother-centipede.jpg                 #800px wide
>         mother-centipede.txt                    # caption
>         /thumbnails
>                 mother-centipede_thumb.jpg     #100px wide
>         /big
>                 mother-centipede_big.jpg          #1500px wide
> Galleria documentation is agnostic (as it should be) but "kinda" 
> points to all images in the same folder:
> as flat HTML:
> div  id="gallery">
> <a  href="/img/large1.jpg"><img  src="/img/thumb1.jpg"  alt="My 
> description"  title="My title"></a>
> <a  href="/img/large2.jpg"><img  src="/img/thumb2.jpg"  alt="Another 
> text"  title="Another title"></a>
> </div>
> or as JSON:
> <script>
> var  data  =  [
>     {
>         image:  'img1.jpg',
>         thumb:  'thumb1.jpg',
>         big:  'big1.jpg',
>         title:  'my first image',
>         description:  'Lorem ipsum caption',
>         link:  'http://domain.com'
>     },
> on the other hand I get nervous when I see lots of files
> in the same folder and some obsessive Virgo part of me wants to always 
> organize things
> and hence the gut anxiety that maybe it is better to use extra folders 
> for thumbnails and big images,
> then in Livecode, if you need to you can just targe the folder 
> "thumbnails" and get a file list...
> vs parsing a list of files for "*_thumb*"  which is easily breakable...
> A good folder, filename convention always pays off big dividends in 
> the end
> and many times it really does not matter exactly what you do,
>  but only that you *do* have some rational layout and conventions and 
> follow them.
> In this case I am in a fix and waffling about which way to go and 
> wondered if anyone else
> has experience and strong ideas about image gallery CMS conventions?
> Gallery: All images Variations in a Single Folder vs Folders for Each 
> Image Variation type
> Oh and if you want the code for the slide shows. happy to share.
> Sivakatirswami
> PS. Mother centipede is real:
> http://himalayanacademy.com/blog/taka/2011/08/16/natures-wonders-amma-centipede/ 
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