Building external for iOS: No such file or directory

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Wed Aug 17 16:28:12 EDT 2011

Hi Brent,

I'm using XCode 4.0.2, LiveCode 4.6.3 and Mac OS X 10.6.8.

I spent a lot of time building externals already and don't remember where the "no such file or directory" error came from (and you didn't quote the previous e-mail so I don't know the exact context but I assume you're addressing me).

Right now I have one external that runs fine on my device and another external that crashes. I can't figure out what the difference between the two externals is. All settings and file are equal as far as I can see. The only different is the Objective-C code: the complicated external runs fine and the very simple external crashes.

In some cases, the standalone doesn't crash on the device, but it appears that the binaries in the binaries folder didn't get copied. 

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Mark Schonewille

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On 17 aug 2011, at 19:40, Brent Anderson wrote:

> Hi Mark,
> What OS are you on? I'm running Lion, and LiveCode and Lion have been known to not play well together. I've just gotten into iOS externals development myself. I've seen the same issues you are seeing with building externals for iOS, in particular the "Startup error: failed to load external" message. This happens when I run my external and the sample externals from RunRev.
> I'm rather excited to get this put together properly, as I intend on releasing the code for my external to the LiveCode community.
> Thanks,
> Brent Anderson

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