AW: Lion snapshot trouble - solved

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Wed Aug 17 04:18:18 EDT 2011

Just to give the list a feedback in case the next one stumbles over it.

Taking a snapshot of a player object with video has changed from Snow
Leopard to Lion. If it is the OSX or LC I don't know.
In Lion I now have to set the alwaysBuffer of the player to true before
taking the snapshot (and setting it to false after having taken)

The reason, why it first worked for me only in a test app and not in my real
app where two additional issues:
I have a "background image" above my player object to have an image in case
there is not yet a video shown. This image is overlayed by the video and not
seen by the user anymore, but is taken into the snapshot with alwaysbuffer,
so I now have to hide this image before taking the snapshop.
This still didn't do the trick, because I have a lockscreen in my script to
avoid flickering when taking the snapshot. This caused, that the background
image of my software, underlying the player was taken into the snapshot. Now
I have to work without lockscreen and with alwaysBuffer getting a slight
flicker, but again with a working snapshot.
Puh, this is already the third week only repairing Lion changes...

P.S. Some years ago, when I have started to develop also for Mac I asked on
this list about the compatibility experiences with Mac OSX, if I should
declare on my CD Mac OSX 10.3 and above or e.g. 10.3 to 10.5 Everybody said,
they have never experienced any backward compatibility problems and always
declare e.g. "10.3 and above". Coming from windows I was cautious and
declared 10.3-10.6. I am glad I have done it this way. Never promise
anything ("above") you not have tested it yourself.


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> Hi Klaus,
> thanks for testing, that didn't do the trick for me, I get irregular
> results, the more often I do testing.
> I think I found the reason what has changed with Lion. It is related to
> alwaysbuffer property of the player. Setting it to true in my test app did
> the trick, but doing the same in my real app, I still get a bluescreen as
> snapshot. Setting it permanently to true, I can't even play videos
> the player object keeps bluescreen too.
> Something must have changed with Lion, because my standalone runs fine on
> Leopard, but not anymore on Lion.
> Confused
> Tiemo

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