Lion snapshot trouble (was: Lion trouble with quicktime) please confirm

Klaus on-rev klaus at
Tue Aug 16 09:45:19 EDT 2011

Hi Tiemo,

Am 16.08.2011 um 14:34 schrieb Tiemo Hollmann TB:

> Hi Klaus,
> thanks for testing, that didn't do the trick for me, I get irregular
> results, the more often I do testing.
> I think I found the reason what has changed with Lion. It is related to the
> alwaysbuffer property of the player. Setting it to true in my test app did
> the trick, but doing the same in my real app, I still get a bluescreen as a
> snapshot. Setting it permanently to true, I can't even play videos anymore,
> the player object keeps bluescreen too.
> Something must have changed with Lion, because my standalone runs fine on
> Leopard, but not anymore on Lion.

hmm, very strange indeed!

I never use "snapshot" with a player anyway, since I use Trevors wonderful 
"Enhanced QuickTime External" to export a movieframe to disk:

At least worth a try! :-)

> Confused
> Tiemo



Klaus Major
klaus at

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