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Sivakatirswami katir at
Mon Aug 15 23:52:36 EDT 2011

I second that... ditto here. exactly same problem.

My folder-file layout looks like:

My Livecode
        /BvG Docu
             BvG Docu 4.6.3.sqlite
             BvG Docu 4.6.4-dp-1.sqlite
        BvG Docu 2.rev

I will get a message on start up that the same stack exists and do I 
want to purge it. If I hit Cancel I'm OK

If I delete BVG Docu 2.rev

and reboot LiveCode, I then get the message the the SQLite database is 
not present. I click to build and

BvG Docu 4.6.4-dp-1.sqlite   is re-built with the current modification time.

and a copy of   "BvG Docu 2.rev" reappears in the plugins folder.

Work around: I have resorted simply hitting "cancel" on the purge 
message on start up. then everything works just fine. So, not a blocker


        On 8/15/11 7:47 AM, Pete wrote:
> Thanks but still getting the same problem.  the plugin does work after is
> has rebuilt the database but it still rebuilds it every time I start LC.
> I installed the stack in my LC plugins folder (~/Documents/Livecode/Plugins)
>   After running it I see the following files:
> - BvG Docu 2.rev
> - bvg_docu_2.rev
> - a folder named BvG Docu containing 1 file named "BvG Docu 4.6.2.sqlite"
> I tried to get to the Plugin Settings but when I selected the stack, I got
> the standard message about there already being a stack with the same name
> loaded and form that point on, I was in a never ending loo of creating the
> database and getting the same stack loded message, no matter which option I
> chose.  Weird.
> This is with LC 4.6.2 running on a Mac with OS X 10.6.8.  Let me know if
> there's anything else I can do to help figure this out - this is a much
> better way to view the dictionary!
> Pete
> Molly's Revenge<>

Om Shanti

Kauai Aadheenam

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