Ideal Unicode?

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Mon Aug 15 17:37:00 EDT 2011

Hi Kee,

No, this isn't crazy at all. In fact, this is pretty standard amongst nowadays software products, particularly text editors. Most programming environments are capable of doing this. The availability of both char and byte in the LiveCode language indicates that RunRev plans to do the same for LiveCode, but so far it hasn't happened.

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On 15 aug 2011, at 23:32, Kee Nethery wrote:

> In my perfect programming world ...
> I'd want all characters all the time for any place characters are displayed to be displayed and entered as unicode characters and represented as UTF8 bytes.
> If the display version has "割劥" I'd want the language to recognize those as two characters and as 6 bytes. 
> I want UTF8 instead of UTF16 because UTF8 is the same byte stream regardless of processor endian-ness and more importantly, the entire web uses UTF8.
> Is this crazy talk or would this be your ideal programming system for unicode?
> Kee Nethery

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