Lion trouble with quicktime video snapshot

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Mon Aug 15 07:19:16 EDT 2011


a major feature of my software is taking snapshots from build in videos.

Running on Lion this snapshot feature is corrupted. I don't get anymore a
snapshot of my video, but irregular colors or patterns. One time the
snapshot is grey blurred, one time plain blue or plain black. Always
different. Taking the snapshot I do it like this:

export snapshot from rect tRectSSQuelle to gScreenshot as PNG

put gScreenshot into img "imgScreenShot" of tCard


Are there any known issue with Lion and Quicktime?

I am still using LC 4.5.1. Are there perhaps any issues with LC 4.5.1 and

Are there any other approaches or parameters, how to create a snapshot? What
could I test to get an idea which part is corrupted?


Thanks for any ideas




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