referring to object names stored in variables

Colin Holgate coiin at
Sun Aug 14 18:42:25 EDT 2011

It needs to cork when there is no selection. Imagine you're working with an editable field, and want to know what is selected when nothing is selected. It would be a problem if in that one case it gave an error. Maybe that's why it was fixed in 4.6.3.

The problem case in 4.6.3 seems to be that if you put something after a line, it's smart enough to realize you mean the new text is to be before the return character. With put text after selectedline the text goes after all the contents of the line, which includes the return character.

On Aug 14, 2011, at 5:55 PM, DunbarX at wrote:

> This might be a disadvantage if you want to work when there is NO selectedLine. You get one anyway.That is what the clickLine is for. Thanks a lot.

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