referring to object names stored in variables

Colin Holgate coiin at
Sun Aug 14 11:09:55 EDT 2011

There is a small oddity in that if you put something after a line of a field, the text you put there appears at the start of the next line, unless it was the last line of the field, in which case it goes at the end of the text.

When you said you wanted to put "blabla" after the line, did you want this:

"one two three"

to be come this:

"one two threeblabla"


"one two three blabla"

or this:

"one two three


In the last case, would you want the following line to be pushed down? In other words, you're inserting a line with "blabla" in it?

My guess is that you want "one two three" to become "one two three blabla". You can achieve that with the do command:

on mouseup
   put the selectedline into sl
   do "put"&&quote&space&blabla&quote&& "after" && sl
end mouseup

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