referring to object names stored in variables

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Sun Aug 14 08:51:14 EDT 2011


Try this:

put "blabla" after line (word 2 of the L_Line of field 1) of field 1

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On 14 aug 2011, at 14:28, Thomas Bähler wrote:

> Hi all
> Grrr, I did that before but can't find the solution anymore.
> I have a textfield with several lines. When I click that field, I store the reference of the selectedLine in a custom variable. Later I want to put text after that specific line. But I don't get there.
> I click in line 1 of field 1 and store the selectedLine in the custom property  the L_Line of field 1
> when I try: put the L_Line of field 1     I get:  "line 1 of field 1"
> when I try: put the value(the L_Line of field 1)      I get the content of that line
> when I try: put "blablabla" after (the L_Line of field 1)      I get a compilation error (Chunk: bad destination)
> Thanks for help!
> Thomas

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