dispatch and the target

Mark Wieder mwieder at ahsoftware.net
Fri Aug 12 20:36:33 EDT 2011


Friday, August 12, 2011, 12:12:39 PM, you wrote:

> Update on this.  If the calling stack is a palette, the topstack refers to
> one of the IDE's stacks (applicationoverview.rev I think), and the
> defaultstack refers to the library stack not the palette stack.  In
> addition, the executionContexts contains no reference to the palette stack.

> I'm pretty much giving up hope that there is a safe way to get hold of the
> calling stack.  I was hoping that a combination of "start using" and a
> libraryStack handler in the library stack would do what I need but doesn't
> look like that will work.  Not a big deal, just needs one extra line of code
> in the calling stack to call my initialisation routine.

I don't know what your code looks like in the library stack, but you
might try substituting "this stack" instead of "me" to see if that
gives you the reference you're looking for.

-Mark Wieder
 mwieder at ahsoftware.net

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