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Peter M. Brigham, MD pmbrig at
Fri Aug 12 08:39:48 EDT 2011

I much prefer never to lock the cursor -- it tends to stay locked at odd moments. Instead try setting "the defaultcursor."

The problem of your cursor changes not happening as expected probably comes down to where the script is -- it may not be in the message path for some reason, maybe you are trapping mousemove in some individual controls, etc. One approach is to use a frontscript:

Put these in the script of card 1 of your standalone main stack

on openstack
   insert the script of btn "myFrontScript" of stack "someStack" into front
   pass openstack
end openstack

If you're working in the IDE, you might want to put this in the same place, so the frontscript down't persist when you move on to other projects:

on closestack
   remove the script of btn "myFrontScript" of stack "someStack" from front
   pass closestack
end closestack

Script of btn "myFrontScript":

on mousemove
   if "button" is word 1 of the target then
      set the defaultcursor to hand
      set the defaultcursor to empty
   end if
   pass mousemove -- important!
end mousemove

-- Peter

Peter M. Brigham
pmbrig at

On Aug 12, 2011, at 2:37 AM, FlexibleLearning wrote:

> Looks like 2 issues here. First getting the cursor to stick; second getting
> the correct cursor display.
> Lock/Unlock cursor should resolve the first; importing and using your own
> cursor image should resolve the second.
> local cHand=999100
> local cArrow=999101
> on mouseEnter
>  if "button" is word 1 of the target then
>    set the cursor to cHand
>  else set the cursor to cArrow
>  lock cursor
> end mouseEnter
> on mouseLeave
>  unlock cursor
>  pass mouseLeave
> end mouseLeave
> Hugh Senior
> FLCo
> ------------------------------------
> Chip Thomas wrote:
> Having some trouble changing the cursor, and hope someone can help shed some
> light on the topic.
> I have a "mouseEnter" script on the main card that checks if the target is a
> "button".  If it's a button, it sets the cursor to hand.  If not, it sets it
> to arrow.
> I've tried implementing this in two different projects.
> One project is a launcher system where the standalone just launches a
> separate main stack file.  The cursor script is on the card of this stack
> file.  In this project, I don't get any cursor changes except when in the
> development environment.
> The second project is just a regular standalone with the cursor script on
> the main card of the standalone.  I do get a cursor change, but I get a
> watch rather than a hand.
> Argh!  Any help would be much appreciated.
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