Cursor woes

FlexibleLearning admin at
Fri Aug 12 02:37:26 EDT 2011

Looks like 2 issues here. First getting the cursor to stick; second getting
the correct cursor display.

Lock/Unlock cursor should resolve the first; importing and using your own
cursor image should resolve the second.

local cHand=999100
local cArrow=999101

on mouseEnter
  if "button" is word 1 of the target then
    set the cursor to cHand
  else set the cursor to cArrow
  lock cursor
end mouseEnter

on mouseLeave
  unlock cursor
  pass mouseLeave
end mouseLeave

Hugh Senior

Chip Thomas wrote:

Having some trouble changing the cursor, and hope someone can help shed some
light on the topic.

I have a "mouseEnter" script on the main card that checks if the target is a
"button".  If it's a button, it sets the cursor to hand.  If not, it sets it
to arrow.

I've tried implementing this in two different projects.

One project is a launcher system where the standalone just launches a
separate main stack file.  The cursor script is on the card of this stack
file.  In this project, I don't get any cursor changes except when in the
development environment.

The second project is just a regular standalone with the cursor script on
the main card of the standalone.  I do get a cursor change, but I get a
watch rather than a hand.

Argh!  Any help would be much appreciated.

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