Cursor woes

Chip Thomas livecode.list at
Thu Aug 11 20:19:15 EDT 2011

Having some trouble changing the cursor, and hope someone can help shed some
light on the topic.

I have a "mouseEnter" script on the main card that checks if the target is a
"button".  If it's a button, it sets the cursor to hand.  If not, it sets it
to arrow.

I've tried implementing this in two different projects.

One project is a launcher system where the standalone just launches a
separate main stack file.  The cursor script is on the card of this stack
file.  In this project, I don't get any cursor changes except when in the
development environment.

The second project is just a regular standalone with the cursor script on
the main card of the standalone.  I do get a cursor change, but I get a
watch rather than a hand.

Argh!  Any help would be much appreciated.

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