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Ralph DiMola rdimola at evergreeninfo.net
Thu Aug 11 16:01:53 EDT 2011

There's at least one other person who told their friends to stay away from


"I cannot speak for others, but I certainly do not. When Napster first came
out and all my friends were going crazy over it, downloading everything they
could get their hands on, I told them all it was stealing, no matter how
they looked at it, because they were taking something without the owner's


I know someone who got caught and had to pay.


That being said. I don't feel sorry for the record companies or the rich
rock and rollers.

1)      I bought the Beatle's singles on 45 RPM records.

2)      Then I bought the "White Album" on 33 RPM

3)      Then I got the "White Album" on  8 track

4)      Then I got the "White Album" on  cassette

5)      Then I got the "White Album" on  CD

6)      Some of the songs were on a DVD anthology

7)      Paul's 2000 tour DVD



As I see it, I paid royalties 7 times on many songs in the Beatle catalog
for my single personal use. I should have had the option to trade in an old
format for  a new format and pay only for the media. Trading and giving away
cassettes to friends of over the air radio broadcasts was never prosecuted.
I don't even know if it was illegal in the first place. The Betamax decision
allowed for recording and trading of over the air TV. If I share a song on
the web then it's TFB for the record companies.. But alas I don't because it
illegal and I have to live with it.



We're still getting ripped-off!!!


Ralph DiMola

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