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OK. This touched a nerve.

*"I used to record off the air and it was OK"  ,   "everybody does it"  ,
 "the music today sucks anyway",  "the music business is corrupt"*

All excuses used to justify the stealing of music.  Not very funny to me, a
40 year music business worker. This was a profession for thousands that has
totally gone away.

There is no fair comparison between the innocent taping off of the radio and
trading digital music en masse.
The former barriers were hassle,cost,  quality and speed, all of which were
eliminated by digital formats.

LPs were great. They had excellent DRM - very few people had disc cutters
'in the day'   (except me) and the media was far more expensive than just
buying it.  I'm encouraging emerging artists to put all their music out on
12" vinyl. Better than a garage filled with a thousand unsold CDs.

What is laughable is the idea that there are many artists are getting rich
by selling their music. This is an illusion. Most are not. Today the CD is
more like a promotional tool that people expect for free.

On 11 August 2011 04:29, Roger Eller <roger.e.eller at sealedair.com> wrote:

> On Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 3:17 AM, Richmond Mathewson wrote:
> > This whole thing seems laughable:
> >
> > When I was 13 my Mum and Dad bought me a radio-cassette recorder, and
> > I merrily recorded all the songs on the radio that I liked, and recorded
> > quite a few songs from gramophone records that belonged to friends of
> mine
> > who could afford that sort of thing.
> >
> > At no time (1975-6-7-8) did ANYBODY tell that I was breaking the law, or,
> > even, being "naughty".
> >
> > I, later, bought half a dozen of the records I had previously taped, so
> > that I could pose to my "friends" with the record covers.
> >
> > Presumably, all across Britain (at least) teenagers were doing this all
> the
> > time. How
> > odd that it never seemed an issue.
> >
> > Rod Stewart still made millions, as did Kate Bush, Devo and Kraftwerk . .
> .
> >
> > I CAN understand that copying music and subsequently making money out of
> it
> > is a bit infra dig.
> >
> > What a load of codswallop!
> >
> That is a similar story to mine, and many other kids of the 70's.  If the
> music was something I truly loved, then I would buy the record, tape, CD,
> etc., but if it was just "OK", a recording made from the radio was just
> fine.  Nowadays, everybody's an "artist", whether they can sing or not.  It
> is assumed, and even expected that people pay for noise.  The market should
> be driven by the quality of the work.  If it's good, DMCA or no DMCA, the
> artist will STILL become rich and famous.
> ˜Roger
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