Stack Size Changes

Timothy Miller gandalf at DOCTORTIMOTHYMILLER.COM
Thu Aug 11 01:45:28 EDT 2011

A followup to my message on same thread, posted a few minutes ago, in reply to Paul.

Further investigation reveals this anomaly: If I make the stack height a little too big, so the stack crops itself when it opens, and I then click on the little glowing green button at the upper left of the LC window (the one that gets a plus sign on rollover -- I can never remember the correct name for it), the whole LC window goes blank except for the borders and menu bar. Clicking on the same green button again does not restore the window. If I send the window to the dock with the amber button, then bring it back (by clicking it in the dock) the window is restored.

I further note that sometimes it takes two or three clicks on the little green plus button to make the LC window go blank.

The LC window does not go blank this way if I set the rect of the stack in the preOpenStack handler.

Does this behavior have some specific meaning?

Sorry to make this so complicated.


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