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Judy Perry jperryl at ecs.fullerton.edu
Wed Aug 10 19:39:01 EDT 2011


Part of the problem, at least in the US, is that "fair use" is not a 
right; it's a defense, meaning you have to risk being sued to even 
mention it.

A silly little video of mine was just taken down by EMI because I used a 
recording of O Fortuna.  I suppose EMI could claim that, because people 
could consume the music via my silly video  instead of just buying the 
tune for $0.99 like I did to make the video, despite owning it on vinyl, I 
really think that anyone who enjoyed the music would just spend the bloody 

EMI's issuing the take-down notice is not considered a legal document; 
however, if I contest it using the fair use doctrine, my defense IS and 
opens me up to being sued for a truly ridiculous amount of money.

Here's a fun bit of reading:  The EFF's white paper on the 10 unintended 
consequences of the DMCA:



On Sat, 6 Aug 2011, Alejandro Tejada wrote:

> Hi warren,

Actually, my dissapoint is with Sony Music Entertainment and their
application of copyright law over fair use in this documental series

Look, I am not the only one. From the brainpickins page that you linked:

"Harmony continues here: 2, 4, 5. (Alas, Part 3 has been gobbled up by
copyright claims — even though the series is not available on DVD or in
any purchasable format. Such is the disposition of copyright Nazis — far
from merely ensuring that creators are compensated for their work,
they’d rather let a cultural artifact rot in obscurity than reach is
wide-eyed audience.)"

More info:

Hopefully, in a future, Mr. Goodall will replace these specific parts of the
and publish the whole documentary in DVD, with subtitles and alternate


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