Stack Size Changes

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Wed Aug 10 10:57:51 EDT 2011

So, heerza deal,

One stack, several cards, two groups on each card, groups behave as backgrounds. Top of one group is 1, bottom is 199. Top of second group is 200, bottom is 740. This group has a vertical scroll bar.

"Resizable" for the stack is turned off. "Lock size and position" is on, for both groups.

I set the height of the stack to 742. Save. Close the stack. Open it. The height is now less than 742. Sometimes it's 712. Sometimes it's 692, or 696, or possibly other values.

There are no scripts that alter card size, group size or stack size.

Repeat. Same thing. The change of height is inconsistent, even if I do nothing to the stack except open, change the height, and close.

When the stack size gets smaller, I can't scroll to the bottom of the lower group, and the arrows at the bottom of the scroll bar get cut off.

I noticed this issue a few weeks ago, on the same stack. Then it stopped happening.

Now it's doing it again.

I looked at the message watcher when closing the stack. Didn't understand everything I saw, but nothing surprising.


I guess I could fix this with a script on openStack or preOpenStack, but I want to understand why it happens.

Thanks in advance.


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