[Server] create stack trouble

Björnke von Gierke bvg at mac.com
Tue Aug 9 09:47:44 EDT 2011

Quite simply, any new feature RunRev implements is a patch, as in patched up clothes. RunRev lacks the manpower (but not the dedication) to create fully working groundworks, like a full implementation of stacks for all platforms, a native GUI for iOS, native table fields or allowing all objects to be parentScripts. Because of that, every new feature is shortchanged and partly implemented as bare minimum to satisfy a bullet point, and for people who have all the time on their hand to work around the limitations, problems and weird behaviours they create. 

For example, you need to create stacks from scratch for web development, and there's no other practical way to go about it. Sadly, that defeats the main purpose of using stacks on the server, which would be the reuse of existing stacks (As someone said "why use stacks when you could save your things into text files". He's right and actually that makes more sense then using the currently available, partially implemented stacks at all).

Furthermore, those features will not be implemented fully, ever. That is because, again, the manpower of the mothership is too low, and some new, fancy, partially implemented feature will therefore be patched into the product, instead of finalising and fixing the previously partly implemented things.

I guess you can get used to this if you did grow with all the new weirdness, but it of course reduces the influx of new customer one annoyance at a time.  :(


On 9 Aug 2011, at 03:16, Robert Mann wrote:

> It would be great to know what these server stacks are aimed at, will they
> gradually (..years!) come to par with standard stacks or are they INTENDED
> as stack libraries full stop!? Thanks, RObert.

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