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Jim Schaubeck jimschaubeck at
Mon Aug 8 22:52:04 EDT 2011

There's much room for assumptions based on your question but I can tell you
that I wrote a Help Ticket program that sends texts every day.  Works well.

You can go to Chipp Walters' site and download his altEmailHarness app.
This app will show you how to communicate with the included library stack
libSmtp253 from Sean Shao.  Sean's library does some heavy lifting so I
didn't modify it a bit.  Once you figured out how to send emails, you can
send text msgs by knowing the phone number of the cell you want to reach.
There are two things you can do at that point.  By also knowing the CARRIER,
you can send an email to that carriers domain (google for the various
carrier domains) or you can send to all of them and the right one gets
through while the rest are bounced (not exactly a good practice if you ask

Hopes this helps and many thanks to Sean and Chipp.

jim schaubeck

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Is it possible to send a text message directly from LiveCode, even if the
user still needs to hit the "send" button?

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