creating an alias on a server

Phil Davis revdev at
Mon Aug 8 21:59:36 EDT 2011

Hi all,

I am building a server app with LC and would like it to create an alias 
(symbolic link) on the server, in a folder that is among those known to Apache 
on the server (don't know if that makes any difference). I tried LC 'create 
alias' and a shell(ln -s <source> <target>) without success. Then I added 'sudo' 
(with an echoed password) to the shell script, but the 'ln' output tells me I'm 
not using the correct password. Of course I'm using the only password I ever 
gave anything on the server.

I'm not sure what to try next. Does anyone have any ideas?

My tactical goal is to 'put' an existing web page from a CGI, where the page 
contains relative links to images etc that are actually in folders outside the 
reach of the web server. If I can automate the creation of a symbolic link in 
the folder where the CGI resides, I believe I can get there.

My strategic goal is to serve various sets of web pages only to those who are 
authorized - whose sign-in info has been validated. Maybe there is a better 
tactic to get me there?

Thanks for any ideas.
Phil Davis

PDS Labs
Professional Software Development

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