Ralph DiMola rdimola at
Mon Aug 8 21:22:08 EDT 2011

I have an app that I am trying to demo using revlet. I am using IIS on SBS
2008. Access from IIS works but with some problems.



1)      My app uses SQLite. Database access works when I go to the web page
from my development IE XP-SP3, but won't work from any other PC, both XP or
Win7. No error displayed.

2)      On my Dev PC when the focus is on a text field the left and right
arrow keys don't move the cursor in the field and the up down arrow moves
the page up and down like the mouse scroll wheel and the backspace does a
browser back page.

3)      I changed general standalone application settings to manually
configure inclusions(like SQLite) the revlet just locks up and I have to
kill the IE process.

4)      The test.html produced always tells me that I need to download the
plug-in even though it is installed. I changed this line of code to get the
page to display.

if(pluginlist.indexOf("Revolution")!=-1){ = "block";
}else{ = "block"; }    TO..

if(pluginlist.indexOf("Revolution")!=-1){ = "block";
}else{ = "block"; }

   This of course will not detect that the plug-in is not installed.


Any Ideas?






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