[Server] create stack trouble

stephen barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at barncard.com
Mon Aug 8 12:33:28 EDT 2011

Why would one want to create a field one can't use anyway?

There are probably a lot of little things in LCS that haven't been trapped
as errors or to fail silently yet, but common sense can be a guide to "what
is" and "what isn't": GUI objects are not applicable in a server

Reading fields is possible and that may be there for backwards compatibility
with existing stacks that store data in fields.

On 8 August 2011 08:44, Robert Mann <rman at free.fr> wrote:

> Hi, saving a stack works fine in my case too. And this is important to my
> view.
> But create field does not work.

Stephen Barncard
San Francisco Ca. USA

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