iREv mysql and revexecuteSQL problem?

John Patten johnpatten at
Sun Aug 7 15:21:38 EDT 2011

Hi All... (sending this in two parts, I tried to send it before but never saw it show up on list...length maybe?)

First Part:

I'm still having problems with a irev mysql file. I'm attempting to create a new record in a table. The new record gets created by I still seem to get errors reported back.

Here's what I have.

>From the rev stack:

on mouseUp
   set the itemDel to Tab
 put cd fld "tradeeID" of cd 3 into tTradeeID
   put cd fld "playerID" of cd 3 into tPlayerID
   put item 2 of cd fld "myItem" of cd 3 into tMyItem
   put item 2 of cd fld "theirItem" of cd 3 into tTheirItem

  put  tTradeeID & tab & tPlayerID & tab & tMyItem & tab & tTheirItem into tTradeVariables
   put "mymessage="&URLEncode(tTradeVariables) into tTradeVariables

post tTradeVariables to URL " "
 put it into tData

 if tData is a number then
      answer info "New record added."
      answer error "There was a problem updating the record to the database:" & cr & tData
   end if
end mouseUp

John Patten

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