REsolving Behavior References

Pete pete at
Sun Aug 7 00:15:39 EDT 2011

Quoting the dictionary:

"Behaviors are resolved by LiveCode immediately after loading a stack file"

Does that mean there is no opportunity to write a script to point LC to an
external library file containing behavior scripts?

I have been unsuccessful trying to do that in preOpenStack of the main stack
or preOpenCard of a card in the main stack.  The only way I have found to do
this is by setting the stackfiles property of the main stack to point to my
behavior library.  Even then, I have to exit LC and rerun for that to take

My behavior references do not include the fully qualified stack file name,
they are of the form "button ID of stack "behaviorstack".  This is because I
want the flexibility of using separate versions of the behaviors for
development and live apps.

Richard  - I know you have a QCC entry to provide a command to resolve
behaviors at any time and I have put the full force of my 5 puny votes
behind it!

Or maybe I'm just not understanding the behavior mechanism fully....

Molly's Revenge <>

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