Any way to show progress while an ON-REV page is processing a script?

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You could show them a few results and then have them click for more -- that is what google does. If you wanted to be fancy you could muster up some AJAX to go back and forth without having the user push any buttons.


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Subject: Any way to show progress while an ON-REV page is processing a script?
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Date: Saturday, August 6, 2011, 11:46 AM

I have a form that uses POST to get a list of patent numbers processed by a .lc or .irev page. Right now, the whole list has to be processed before the user sees that anything has happened. In my case, once all the patent numbers have been processed, the user will see a page of tables with information about each patent. In my revlet version of this process, it was easy to have a field display the progress of the processing with 1 of 20, 2 of 20, 3 of 20, etc. being displayed in a field as the processing of each patent took place. 

Is there any way to display a progress indicator while the .lc or .irev page is processing the patent numbers? I have tried a couple of things, such as having a separate "put" command for each patent, but nothing is displayed until all of the patents have been processed.


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