Where does survive the inventive user ?

Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at proactive-intl.com
Thu Aug 4 10:52:55 EDT 2011

> > Something better is needed... and geared towards the true 
> inventive user and less towards the newbie programmer.
> The great strength of HyperCard was to offer us hundreds of 
> preprogrammed stacks that we could arrange as a lego to build 
> our first applications before we had to put our fingers in 
> the dust to understand how these stacks were coded.

Out of the box, I think it wasn't quite that many, but what was shipped
allowed many enthusiastic users to create that many, when it was still
possible to get HyperCard for free.

Some of the stacks that were included then in HyperCard were more
immediately useful then because there weren't that many alternatives to
speak of that allowed you to so easily modify them to suit whatever you
wanted. The feature options are so much huger with LiveCode now, but so are
the alternatives.

But I think the question is, if all the programmatic elements that created
the HC phenonemon then were implemented in LC today, would the end result be
similar to what it was in the HC days? I think there have been some pretty
significant market based changes since then, and you can't have one without
the other.

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Lynn Fredricks
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