How to fast-track a LC/iOS app

Richard Miller wow at
Thu Aug 4 07:25:37 EDT 2011

Would really appreciate hearing comments on how to take an existing LC 
desktop app and convert it to a iOS app, to be approved by Apple for sale.

The app is a straight-forward multimedia database. Nothing unusual in it.

I have no LC iOS experience as of yet, but years of experience with Rev.

1. Is there a tutorial out there that can walk me through the process of 
creating true iOS controls, look, feel, etc., then test it on my iPhone, 
then submit it?

2. Would you recommend using a tool like MobGUI, or is that overkill?

3. What are the pitfalls to avoid?

4. What is the recommended limit, in terms of size (mb), for the 
embedded app? It contains lots of images. Wondering which parts of the 
app should be left on, and accessed from, our server vs. downloaded by 
the customer at the time of installation.

Thank you.
Richard Miller

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