AW: Need advice with Lion permission changes

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Thu Aug 4 06:43:10 EDT 2011

That is a real pain in the ass, because my app doesn't run anymore under
lion and I haven't found a solution yet.

I have read over the last days guidelines and threads, but have not found
any answer yet. Apple says about the /library/application support/ in the
Mac OS X Developer library: " For example, you might use this directory to
store application-created data files, configuration files, templates, or
other fixed or modifiable resources that are managed by the application.",
But I CAN'T create files anymore in this directory and I have nothing found
in the developer guidelines of apple, what has changed on lion and where to
store now common files.

The users directories are no solution for me (read my old threads)

I tried to create first a user folder in the users directory and then copy
it to the common application support folder, but the access is obviously
denied. I could do it only with sudo in the terminal. But if I try to run
sudo mv ... in the shell from livecode, I get the same error, as already
Josh: "no tty present and no askpass program specified" Can anybody shed
some light on this? (same with sudo ditto) I have no clue what it means and
how I can get it working with sudo.

I can't believe that there is no place anymore, where you can store common
app files! Am I the only one who needs common app files?
I a pretty helpless and thankfull for every hint

P.S. @Ken Ray: You said " Yes, I got burned as well, but I *still* plan on
writing "all users" support files in the /Library/Application Support
folder, even if I have to go the extra mile to make it happen." I would love
if you could share your extra mile!


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> I too am interested in the answer to this.  I'm not sure it ever got
> resolved in the previous thread on the question.  Is there anywhere under
> Lion that files can be installed for use by all users without having to
> resort to chmod commands?
> Pete
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