Editing with On-Rev Client (was: Path to start using a stack in On-Rev?)

Martin Koob mkoob at rogers.com
Wed Aug 3 08:45:25 EDT 2011


Someone mentioned in an earlier post that the extension you use determines
which engine will be used by On-rev

.irev files are processed with the 3.5 engine 
.lc files are processed with the 4.6.3 engine 

>From my tests this means if you use .irev extension then none of the
Livecode server 4.6.3 features are available such as stacks and that the
<?lc    ?> code block will not be recognized.

However if you use a file with .lc extension then you get all the 4.6.3
features and both <?lc  ?> and <?rev  ?> code blocks work.

I tried using <?lc  ?> code blocks in a file with an .lc extension in the
On-rev editor and they are not colourized but when I save the .lc file to
the server and test it the <?lc ?> code block is recognized so it is just
that the editor does not recognized the <?lc   ?> block.

With LiveCode server installed on my own computer I can mix and match  .lc
or .rev extensions and <?lc ?> and <?rev ?> code blocks.   To get the .irev
extension recognized by my livecode server intallation I put an entry in the
httpd.conf file for each extension.  (this was for an installation of
livecode server on Mac OS X server Snow Leopard.)

	AddHandler livecode-script lc
	AddHandler livecode-script irev
	Action livecode-script /cgi-bin/livecode-server/livecode-server

So there are three bugs that should be posted for On-rev editor.  
1. View Online button button is disabled when editing .lc files
2. Code blocks with <?lc ?> are not colourized
3. Debug button is disabled when editing .lc files.

For debugging I had read that debugging is not supported for third party
installs.   Is this because Livecode Server 4.6.3 does not support live
debugging at all or is it supported just on On-rev hosted sites.  

So If no one has posted these as bugs yet I will go ahead and do that.

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